Good Luck Beth!!! The website looks great!!! You and your staff took great care of Sophia when she was only 3 months old!!! We had a good experience with you for 2 years . I can’t believe Sophia learned sign language at a young age .You are such a loving & caring teacher/friend that i felt safe leaving Sophia with you all day. I didn’t want to leave my baby with anyone else.      Teresa Imbrunone Ferrara

– Parent 1

From Pam Murray
Woodland Place provided an amazing foundation to my children’s education. Many friendships and memories were made by my children. In addition the love and support from all staff was outstanding. Over ten years have passed since our children graduated from woodland place, but they still reflect back on amazing experiences they all had. We are fortunate to have had the opportunity to experience woodland place!!!

– Parent 2

Thank You Andrea M. Toppan
Beth has been instrumental in the education foundation of all three of my boys. A nurturing environment with fun activities that inspire the love of learning. As a family we had such an amazing experience!

– Parent 3

Thank You Amy Holleran Gibbs
I have 3 children each with a 5+ year age gap. All of my children went to Woodland Place. All received excellent care as well as an outstanding educational experience. My oldest is graduating from high school this year and he still has close friendships with children he met in preschool.

From Jordan Govoni
“being there created such great memories for me to have growing up-I loved that place!” xo

Welcome back Beth! You provided both of my children, now 24 and 15, creative and hands on educational experiences wrapped up in a loving family centered environment. Gloucester’s childcare options have now improved beyond anything else that exists. A phenomenal learning environment where kids bloom and grow from the the inside and out. KayLynn Govoni

From Laura Yakubowskas
My daughter Kylie absolutely loved her years with Beth at Majestic Harbor. She looked forward to going to school each day which says a lot about Beth and her staff! Good luck on your new venture!