bethcostanzo2_2014My name is Beth Costanzo and I have been teaching children for the last 20 years. I can honestly say that I have loved every minute of it. Simply put, I can’t imagine doing anything else! Growing up I was always the “Pied Piper” of children. They always gravitated to me, and I always had a few fighting to sit next to me. I feel that my unique bond with children is definitely a gift. I realized over the last year that my gift should never go to waste. It is my goal to create a Preschool/ Childcare Center that helps children to be successful in school and beyond!During my years of teaching, I have found that one of my greatest strengths is that I am really good with those students who have difficulty understanding a concept and just needed an extra bit of help to master a skill. I love it when you work with a child for days, sometimes weeks and even months—(yes, months to teach a concept) finally, that moment arrives and you see that child’sface light up! I know that look– I can tell deep within my core…. “YEAH, HE OR SHE FINALLY GOT IT!” It’s those triumphs that I celebrate! (To me, it’s is like an unbelievable Adrenaline Rush) It’s those triumphs that keep me coming back each day and even each year!
I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from Lesley University in Cambridge, and a Master’s Degree in School Administration from Endicott College in Beverly.Over the years I have taught over 1000 students. In doing so, I have created an enormous amount of workbooks, storybooks, chapter books, crafts and worksheets needed to successfully prepare children for Kindergarten. I am proud to say that I have currently published 12 books!

I previously owned Majestic Harbor School in Gloucester, but sold it in 2010 when both my elderly parents became ill. My mother’s Alzheimer’s and my father’s Prostrate Cancer and other health related issues at the time seemed insurmountable. They together became a full time job. I did not mind caring for them because they took such good care of me while growing up. Five years have passed, and my mother now lives at Seacoast and my Dad’s health isn’t perfect, but seemingly manageable. I miss owning a childcare center, but wish to open on a much smaller scale. I want to again open at my newly renovated house where it is homey and welcoming for children. I want a small enrollment so that I can focus on each individual child’s education. I want each student to enter Kindergarten fully prepared or perhaps advanced for Kindergarten and beyond.

Mission Statement

The Mission of Woodland Place Childcare Center is to provide a learning environment that helps children grow and succeed, by providing developmentally appropriate experiences, all within a safe and nurturing environment.

Woodland Place Childcare Center

Our programs are an extension of home for our families.Woodland Place nurtures the family, as well as the child. When children come to us, they experience the wonders of beginning school and the development of independence, while parents experience separation, and their first glimpses of their child’s academic potential.
Parents and teachers are united by the thrill of watching a child explore their surroundings, and experiment with their discoveries. Children are exhilarated by the pride of accomplishment, and the sense of self-worth they achieve as they learn and succeed.

In order for children to succeed and grow both academically and socially they must be in a place where they can be themselves; a warm, safe environment where children feel accepted and loved. That special environment is Woodland Place.